Attention Ladies! Message from Pauline about League Tournaments

Hi Ladies,
We’re almost there now with completing all of our matches. We’ve had quite a few wet weekends in the latter part of the season so I do appreciate your efforts in working together to get your matches completed by the end of August.
Congratulations to all the clubs that have been promoted, I’ll be in touch regarding the presentations that will be held later in September.

I just want to remind you about the three tournaments that are coming up.
Firstly we have the IT Sports Too at David Lloyd on Sunday 8th September, (open to players from divisions 4, 5, 6 and 7); next we have the Beryl Bean Over 55’s tournament (for players from any division who are of a certain age!) at Wigginton on Sunday 22nd September and finally the IT Sports tournament (open to players from any division, though participants are usually ladies that play in divisions 1, 2 or 3) at York on Sunday 6th October.
I’ve attached entry forms for all three tournaments to this e mail and they should also be available on the website soon. Please note the e mail address to send the forms back to, is at the bottom of each form.

The IT events weren’t run last season, so I’m really grateful to David Lloyd and York for hosting them this year, as I am to Wigginton for running the BB again, please do support and enter if you can.

Best Wishes,

IT Too Sports entry form 2019

IT Sports entry form 2019

BBover55entry form 2019